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Where has the time gone?

Today marks 10 years Mr.S and I have been together.  It doesn’t seem possible!  It does seem like a long time since our first date, but a whole decade ago.

It just seems amazing and unreal to me… ten years only one major fight and it was over a simple misunderstanding in the first year.   We have never taken a break or even seriously entertained the thought.  I feel so lucky to have found each other.  Everyday being able to waje up next to him, its just an amazing treat.  I never have any doubts we are perfect for each other. We have shaped and molded each other into wonderful people over the years and have grown together.  In many ways we have gained the wisdom of older couples and enjoy the small treasures in life together.

I am not sure what we are doing to celebrate, but we must do something.   This is more than twice as ling as either of us have been in a relationship and to have the love and passion just like year three is a major accomplishment and worth celebrating.

I know its been a long time since I have posted, but we had to put our wedding plans on hold due to finances.  Now with extra money coming in we have started talking and planning again.  The goal is by the end of next year to be married.  But until the I will keep you all posted.

The wedding of my dreams

It seems every little girl spends years dreaming of her wedding day.  As a child we dream that big white stereotypical wedding.  Some of us retain that dream and for the rest of us it transforms into something different.  Something more suited for our personality.  I have a hard time imaging myself as an adult living out the types if wedding I pretended when my Barbies got married, lots of people, his family on one side of the church and mine on the other.  That thought actually terrifies me!  All the planning and stress to have the perfect day while ensuring all the guests get a great show.  Not only does it sound like a bunch if stress and drama, but it seems as though I wouldn’t enjoy myself.  I personally want to look back on my wedding day and actually remember it, not think that it was just a blur.

My dream wedding now is so much different from it was when I was in college. Now my ideal wedding is Mr. S and I, an Officiant, and a photographer. Someplace relatively remote with beautiful relaxing surroundings. I want the background of our wedding photographs to be breath-taking. I envision lots of greenery, trees, plants, nature.

I plan on wearing a typical wedding dress, but not big a poofy, but more sleek and fitting. I have a couple in mind that I have seen in magazines that I like. I figure he can be beach linen causal or just a regular suit if he’d like. Once we pin down a location and a date those items will fall into place.

After our wedding / honeymoon we will throw a traditional reception back home for friends and family.

What?! No Wedding!?!

The more serious our relationship became the more outspoken his opinions on weddings became.  He wanted nothing to with them.  He is an introvert and hates speaking in front of crowds and dislikes being the center of attention.  This all makes logical sense, but my internal monologue keep repeating I am NOT getting married in a COURTHOUSE!  But being me I didn’t say anything, I mean at this point in time he hadn’t even proposed to me yet.  I like every other girl always dreamed of this big wedding, the gorgeous dress with friends and family surrounding you.

The years passed more friends and family are getting married and we go to several ceremonies and I start to see the light.  I find myself sitting through the ceremony wishing it were over and looking forward to the reception.  I talked to several brides after the fact who wished they could have enjoyed the day instead of running around making sure everything was running smoothly and finally me met someone who had eloped.  They had a wonderful day just the two of them and have never regretted not having the standard wedding and thus I was sold on the idea!