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When is the big date?

It seems the first question everyone seems to ask after you tell them you got engaged is “Have you set a date” or something to that effect. 

It has been a little over a year and we are still getting that same question asked.  The answer is no we still have not set a date.  It always strikes me as crazy that everyone wants to know when you are getting married, even if they know you are not having a wedding or at least a public one.

Our situation is a little different.  We are and have been living on one income as he is going back to school to change careers from market research to the medical field.  It was a decision that was made with careful consideration knowing we would have to put a lot of plans on hold.  We decided as a couple that our future happiness was much more important than short-term happiness.  Also for financial aid purposes it actually makes better fiscal sense not to get married yet.

So it frustrates me when people knowing our situation ask if we have set the date yet.  I know they are just excited and can’t wait for us to join their cult society of being married and starting a family.  The other frustrating thing is when people tell me… just go to the courthouse and make it official.  Not that there is anything wrong with going to the courthouse, but that is not what I have envisioned for the day that we will be celebrating for the rest of our lives.

Though the lack of date maybe a thing of the past.  One morning earlier this week while I was getting ready for work he suggested that we set a date.  Just for the two of us and not disclosing it to everyone else.  That way we can officially start planning and saving.  Basically to make it real and to stop putting things on hold in our lives for a better time to present itself.