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The Proposal

Nearly eight years, two cross-country move and seven homes later he proposed.  It was somewhat unexpected and completely fantastic.The best day of my life so far.


First let me give you some back story before I take you to the day of.  We had moved to Florida about a year and a half after college.  We spent the next four years there before returning back to our home state.  We had been casually making plans for the future and one day he out of the blue suggests I start looking at engagement rings. (This was two years prior to him popping the question).  Anyway time moves forward.  We moved back “home” in August of 2010.  He quits his job so I can take a wonderful position, nearly my dream job.  So when tax time comes around he said he was buying me a ring.  I had picked several for him choose from and we had purchases several lab created gemstones of varying sizes and colors.  So I knew there was a ring in the house and probably could have found it if I had wanted to, but I didn’t know what it looked like.  The deal was I got to basically pick the ring and he was to pick to circumstances in which to give it to me.


So fast forward to May 8, 2011.


It was a pretty day outside, the sky was blue with hardly any clouds.  The lilac tree was blooming and the lawn needed trimmed. I decided it was the perfect day to sit outside in my blue jeans, t-shirt and jacket.  We got the lawn chairs out of the garage and sat in the lawn reading books.  After being outside for a while I decided it would be great to lay on the ground and stare at the blue sky and watch the few clouds go by.  So I ran into the house and took the quilt off the bed and we laid on it watching the sky and telling each other the creatures we saw in the clouds.  We talked about all sorts of topics, but even better than the conversation was the peace and comfort we found with each other in the times the conversation ceased.

We went inside to get dinner, but only stayed in for a short amount of time.  We returned outside to watch the sun set on a beautiful and peaceful day.  He seemed a bit more anxious when we went back outside, but I just assumed it was because we had spent the whole day idle. 


As we walked back into the house, I was feeling overly relaxed.  I heard him say something to himself that sounded like I can’t wait anymore.  We were standing in the book room and turned back around to ask him what he said.  He got down on one knee and asked me if I’d be his wife and offered me a beautiful ring with a trillion cut green garnet solitaire.  I of course was excited and say yes about a billion times and knocked him to the ground with a hug.


I actually liked the surprise of him proposing on a normal day instead of some elaborate date that I would have known it was coming.