Where has the time gone?

Today marks 10 years Mr.S and I have been together.  It doesn’t seem possible!  It does seem like a long time since our first date, but a whole decade ago.

It just seems amazing and unreal to me… ten years only one major fight and it was over a simple misunderstanding in the first year.   We have never taken a break or even seriously entertained the thought.  I feel so lucky to have found each other.  Everyday being able to waje up next to him, its just an amazing treat.  I never have any doubts we are perfect for each other. We have shaped and molded each other into wonderful people over the years and have grown together.  In many ways we have gained the wisdom of older couples and enjoy the small treasures in life together.

I am not sure what we are doing to celebrate, but we must do something.   This is more than twice as ling as either of us have been in a relationship and to have the love and passion just like year three is a major accomplishment and worth celebrating.

I know its been a long time since I have posted, but we had to put our wedding plans on hold due to finances.  Now with extra money coming in we have started talking and planning again.  The goal is by the end of next year to be married.  But until the I will keep you all posted.

The First Date

Mr. S and I have been together since July 2003.  We met through an online chat room that catered to college age students.  We happened to go to the same university.  We talked most of the summer through instant messaging and emails.  He asked me if I wanted meet for lunch near the campus.  I decided to be take a chance after all I might actually have fun.  Mind you we had been talking for months and days before our date I realized I had no idea what he even looked like, but he seemed to have a great personality and he made me laugh a lot. 

 The day of our date I was at my parents home two hours away from campus.  I left the house with plenty of time to meet Mr. S on time.  What I didn’t expect was road construction that would cause me to sit in back up traffic for over an hour.  At this point in time he did not have a cell phone.  So knowing he was already at the restaurant, I had to call his house and leave a message on his answering machine apologizing for missing our date.  Luckily I decided to continue on, I of course made an additional phone call to my old roommate to see if she was going to be around.  I decided it never hurt to have a back up plan.  Right before I got into town Mr. S calls be back stating it was alright that I was running late and asked what time I thought I would arrive and he would be there.

 I walked into the restaurant / bar then called “The Speakeasy”and I looked around.  There were several couples and other groups of people and one solitary man sitting in the corner booth reading a book.  He looked up from his book, smiled and waved.  Luckily he had seen a picture of me on my profile.  We hit it off from the start.  After a late lunch we went to a bar downtown and he had me try one of the first beers I ever liked, Lindemans Framboise.  After a drink we went to played a game of mini golf.  Where he learned not only do I stink a mini golf, but I’m a good spirit.