Where to start?

Where do I start?  Was one of the first questions that popped into my head after we had decided to have a destination wedding.  There are several variables to take into consideration before deciding.  Let’s just take the assumption you have decided that a destination wedding is something you absolutely want and can imagine no other way of getting married.  There are still several places to start.

1. Are you having any guests?
This one is simple for Mr. S and I as we are having a secluded wedding for the two of us, the Officiant, photographer, and witnesses if needed.  But if you are having guests you will want to take their traveling costs and time into consideration before planning.

2.  Do you know what time of year or have a specific date in mind?
Depending on when you want to get married may be another factor on where to start.  If you want to get married in the summer, you might want to take local weather into consideration.  Personally I would mark someplace like Florida off my list if I wanted to get married in August.  No only is it hot, but beaches are crowded and its at the peak tourist season.  If I was planning on Florida I would think December through February.  It’s the off-season on tourism, so the prices for hotels are cheaper and the weather is still nice, but not overwhelming. Which brings me to my next point.

3.  Do you have a destination in mind?

      If you already have a destination in mind, it makes things a lot easier.  You can plan your date around travel costs and climate.  I have discovered once you get a destination in mind it makes the rest of the planning so much easier.  Lets say you decide you to get married in the Florida Keys.  Now you just have to decide are you using a resort or planning it on your own.  If you are using a resort or a pre-packaged wedding service a lot of the details are provided including the Officiant, photographer and venue.  Depending on the provider sometimes you can have all the bells and whistles to go a long with it.  If you are planning on your own it will be a little bit harder, but possibly cheaper and more personalized.


As to where Mr. S and I fit into this…. well we are still up in the air.

2 thoughts on “Where to start?

  1. I’m doing a destination wedding too. We’re planning for August 2013 in Cancun, Mexico. However, I haven’t started on any of the real planning, such as pricing, the actual ceremony, etc. I look forward to reading your blog so that I can get some tips from another bride-to-be in a similar situation.

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